Dr. Michael Kenney: “Why is Humanae Vitae Important in Today’s World?”

Dr. Michael Kenney Vice President of Planning & Enrollment, Madonna University: Dr. Kenney gives an introduction to the Humanae Vitae Series: “Why is Humanae Vitae Important in Today’s World?”  

Maria Dean – Legatus Board Member, Reviewing Kurt Vonnegut’s Short Story “Harrison Burgeron”

Maria Dean Legatus Board Member with host Molly Smith: Maria discusses Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Burgeron” showing how the idea of “equality” as applied in this story is so destructive to America

Chuck LiMandri & Joyce Bartholomew: “Meet the Latest Example of Censorship, Defamation & Anti-Christian Hostility.”

Charles LiMandri & Joyce Bartholomew Charles LiMandri, Esq. – Founder & President, Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund &  Jocye Bartholomew – Executive Producer, Blaze Productions: “Meet the latest example of  censorship, defamation, and potentially anti-Christian hostility. Artist Joyce Bartholomew, CEO and Executive Producer of the Blaze Prodction, posted a prolife video on YouTube that recieved 52K views, but then was abruptly turned off by YouTube.  Join Molly as she talks with Joyce and her attorney, Charles LiMandri, about this violation of our rights.”

Dr. Ann Hendershott: Obama’s Mandate on Federal Funding for Sex Reassignment!

Dr. Ann hendershott Dr. Ann Hendershott – Professor, Franciscan University of Stubenville with host Molly Smith: “Obama’s mandate on federal funding for sex reassignment surgery is being rightfully challenged in court.”  Dr. Hendershott joins Molly to unpack this challenge.

Part 1: Tom Connors discussing his world view & Part 2: Molly Smith reading an opinion piece on the current elections

Tom Connors, Molly Smith  Part 1: Tom Connors – Retired US Naval Reserve Commander, “Tom discusses his worldview and how he came to arrive at this point in his life” Part 2: Molly Smith – Host, From the Median, “reads an opinon piece on the 2016 elections by Attorney Mickey Pohl, one of the lead team representing religious organizations such as the LIttle Sisters of the Poor’s fight for religious freedom.”