Repeal and Replace – How will this happen?

Dr. CL Gray President, Physicians for Reform.  Dr. Gray joins Molly to discuss healthcare policy now that Obamacare is being dismantled.  He points out that while the repeal part of this process will be fairly simple the replace part will be more of a challenge unless there is grassroots pressure on the Senate.  Dr. Gray lays out a very comprehensive policy and strategy to enable citizens to take back ownership of their healthcare needs and for healthcare to once again be placed in the hands

Staying the Course

Tom Zawistowski President, We the People Convention.  Tom discusses the current political climate that has shifted back toward the Founding Father’s vision for America.  He discusses the most recent election of Jane Timken to the position of Chair of the Ohio Republican Party beating out Governor Kasich’s pick for this position.  The defeat of the incumbent chairman is having a national impact.  Business as usual will no longer be business as usual as the winds of change sweep across American.  Tom urged listeners to read

A successful way to reverse abortion!

Dr. George Delgado Medical Director, Abortion Pill Reversal.  The abortion pill is a relatively new deadly way to end the life of an unborn child and has been greedily consumed by the pro-abortion cartel.  The results are women left to abort their child in pain and often in secret.  Thankfully there is an antidote to this deadly pill and during tonight’s interview host Molly Smith talks with Dr. George Delgado about exactly what is this procedure, how safe is it, and what is the success

Social Justice isn’t What You Think It Is!

Maria Dean Treasurer & Program Chair, Legatus.  Maria Dean’s review of  “Social Justice Isn’t What You Think It Is” by Novak and Paul provides highlights the authors insightful understanding of how this concept has been hijacked by “social justice warriors” who have used it to promote a progressive humanist agenda.

A “mustard seed” approach to saving lives

Les Riley Executive Director, The Morning Center. The Morning Center adopts a worldview that focuses on a decentralized caring model.  Using four distictive approaches to ministry: Take care of the spiritual needs; use 100% prolife care with a personhood focus; always stay free of government funding; provide high quality care.  Les’s work is recognized nationally in this article by Live Action News and here by American Family Association.

Recognizing the Unborn Child as a Person with Full Human Rights is Key to Ending Abortion

Dan Becker President, Personhood Alliance. The prolife movement must end the practice of creating “classes” of human life in the womb.  All life, at all stages, in all circumstances must be afforded the same rights and protection.  Dan talks with Molly about where the movement has come from and what is in store for it in the future.