“Providing a Positive Longterm Outcome to an Unexpected Pregnancy”

  Tim Welsh Tim Welsh is President & CEO of AND.  Tim and Molly talk about the mission of AND (Angels Nurture & Disciple. Inc.).  AND aims to inspire, empower & facilitate significant improvement in educational, career, financial & spiritual well-being of single mothers and their children.  Their programs extend beyond pregnancy to women who desire and seek change but don’t have the support available to them to make lasting change a reality.

“Is our politically correct world helping our children or harming them”

Linda Harvey President, Mission America with host Molly Smith:  With the rush to provide “news” how much of the information we are receiving is conforming to our Christian worldview?  Linda Harvey argues that we are being fed Fake News to fit a specific progressive agenda that undermines the message of salvation.  To receive Linda’s weekly columns click here.

Why do we need a Parental Rights Amendment?

David Miranda & Micheal Ramey David and Micheal join Molly to discuss the role of parents in society.  Parent’s rights have been increasingly under attack after the 2000 US Supreme Court Decsion Troxell vs. Granville. ParentalRights.org is spearheading a Parental Rights Amendment that will restore parents God given rights. 

2015 BABL Spotlight: Dr. Patrick Lee, Speaking at the Convention.

Patrick Lee 2015 BABL Spotlight: Dr. Patrick Lee speaking at the 2015 Bringing America Back to Life Convention.  Dr. Lee holds the John N. and Jamie D. McAleer Chair of Bioethics and is the Director of the Institute of Bioethics at Franciscan University of Steubenville. “How to make the logical case for life”

A Book Review: “Married Love” by Marie Carmichael Stopes

Maria Dean Treasurer & Progam Chair, Legatus: With this simple, short book, Dr. Stopes quickly and dramatically changed the moral landscape of Great Britain, leading up to the widespread acceptance of contraception.  This led to the 1930 Labbeth Conference of Bishops changing their historic and Biblical based doctrine on the role of procreation.  This ultimately led to the negative impact of the sexual revolution.  Stopes aimed at helping married couples achieve happiness in their married roles but used the wrong methods and ideas to get

Marriage and Equality

Jennifer Johnson Assistant Director, The Ruth Institute:  How Natural Marriage Upholds the ideal of Equality … for Children. Author Jennifer Johnson walks us “though her life story to explain how the ideal of equality can be employed to defend natural marriage”