“Dr. Ruppersberger: Answers to Questions from the Bringing America Back to Life Convention”

Dr. Lester Ruppersberger Immediate Past President, Catholic Medical Association with host Molly Smith:  “The New Reproductive Science: Fact or Fiction?” Les answers questions posed by participants during his presentation at the 2017 Bringing America Back to Life convention.  

Were We Right to be Concerned About the Christian Progressive Movement?

Stephanie Block Author, Organizing the Culture of Death; Being right about the influence of the Humanist agenda in our midst is not much consolation if the Christian Church does not acknowledge the damage done by the likes of John Podesta (Hilary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Chairman) and the impact of Communists such as Saul Alinsky.  If a new day is to dawn, it is important to shine a bright light on these groups and remove their influence from the Church.

Staying Orthodox in Our Secular World

Chelsen Vicari Evangelical Program Director, The Institute on Religion and Democracy; Chelsen provides us with a warning to our younger selves – if we could go back in time!  Chelsen discusses the pitfalls of falling into the non-Christian world trap of self focus.  She also provides hope as she discusses some younger Christian Evangelical rising stars who are making a positive impact on the country but warns of some faux messages from charismatic messengers. 

Raymond de Souza – “Putting Logic at the service of Faith to re-evangelize the Baptized”

Raymond de Souza  President & Founder, Sacred Heart Media with host Molly Smith: Raymond who is also an EWTN host talks with Molly about “Putting Logic at the service of Faith to re-evangelize the Baptized”