Your Life Does Begin at Conception and We Can Prove It

Greg Butler Greg Butler, President, Your Life Began At Conception and retired US Fighter Pilot talks with Molly about the reason he started his organization – which provides the educational tools to teach the prolife choir to sing.

Why do we need a Parental Rights Amendment?

David Miranda & Micheal Ramey David and Micheal join Molly to discuss the role of parents in society.  Parent’s rights have been increasingly under attack after the 2000 US Supreme Court Decsion Troxell vs. Granville. is spearheading a Parental Rights Amendment that will restore parents God given rights. 

Learning Lessons from Canada’s End of Life Journey

Peter Ryan President, LifeCanada: Peter joins Molly to discuss the impact of the recent legislative action in Canada that has effectively made that country the most deadly place in the world to live in if you are considered to be a drain on government “free” medical services.  As many in the USA have noted: The “free” medical care is most certainly not “free” and the consequence of this approach quickly deteriorated to a “survival of the fittest” mentality on the part of the all-powerful government agents

The Alphabet Soup Sexual Craze is Destroying Humanity

Linda Harvey President, Mission America; The latest CDC report about sexual activity and the social impact of such on our high school students is alarming and damning to say the least.  Listen to Linda Harvey discuss these findings as well as the reason for a common sense approach to addressing human sexuality.  Removing the natural law from human behavior spells disaster for humanity and the sooner we understand this the quicker we can reverse course to one that respects our children’s rights to grow up

Sarah Quale – President, SpeaklifeInc talking with Molly about her organization’s education programs.

Sarah Quale The importance of reaching the populace with our message of LIFE cannot be underestimated nor ignored.  To do so is to herald in a culture of death and defeat.  There is no clearer example of what happens when we bypass the establishment and take our message to the people than what we have just seen happen in the 2016 presidential election. Sarah Quale’s organization, Speaklifeinc has just such an education program and she joins Molly to discuss the programs and possibilities ahead.

Bobby Schindler – Exec Director, Life & Hope Network: Fighting to Save Loved Ones from “Medical Orders”.

Bobby SChindler What does the future hold for those who cannot speak for themselves?  Bobby discusses his experience seen through the eyes of someone who deals with family members who are fighting to save the lives of their loved ones from the grips of medical orders that deny our God-given rights to die only when HE calls us.  What are some of the steps you need to know in order to protect your rights and those of your loved ones.  Visit the Network’s website to

2011 BABL Spotlight: Dr. James Rossetti – Oncologist, speaking on the promise of Stem Cells.

Dr. James M. Rossetti Dr. James M. Rossetti speaking at the 2011 Bringing America Back to Life Symposium on Stem Cells: The Hope, the Hype, the Truth. The mind of the collective public decidedly leans towards embracing the potential of embryonic stem cells. Indeed many believe embryonic stem cells hold promise for a cure to life’s most debilitating diseases. The media, Hollywood and many in government unceasingly promote this point of view.