“Assisted Suicide Threatens People with Disabilities” & “USA Abortion Update”

Zachary Schmoll & Mark Crutcher Zachary Schmoll is a blogger at entering the public square.com.  Zachary talks to Molly about how the acceptance of assisted suicide bullies people with disablities! Mark Crutcher, President of Life Dynamics joins Molly to discuss the current and future state of abortion in the USA.

“The Bully of Asia” & “The Reformation 500 Years Later”

Stephen Mosher & Dr. Benjamin Wiker: Stephen is President, Population Research Institute: Molly discusses Mosher’s new book with the author – Will China’s Rise Threaten World Peace? Dr. Benjamin Wiker, Author and Professor:  This new book by Wiker offers 12 things we need to know about the Reformation. Wiker discusses these with Molly.

“Should abortion be encouraged for those caught up in the sex trade?”

Darlene Pawlik: Darlene is Vice President, Save the 1.  Darlene tells her story of despair, hopelessness, and finally redemption from prostitution and why abortion should never be an option regardless of how a child is conceived.