Introducing: “Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio – an Ohio Statewide Organization”

Ed Sitter Executive Director, Foundation for Life with host Molly Smith:  An age old, yet new, approach to LIFE for the 21st Century, that promises not just to regulate life threating trends but to end them.

Caring not Killing

Alex Schadenberg Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. With the passage of Canadian Bill C-14 Euthanasia has burst onto the Canadian landscape with well over 744 deaths by lethal medical intervention.  Alex’s organization predicted this outcome and he joins Molly to talk about the lack of restrictions or oversight governing this practice.  Alex notes that this is the most wide-open Euthanasia Bill in the world; it offers immunity to anyone who does anything for the purpose of assisting death!

Attorneys Using Their Skills to Protect Life

“Josh McCaig” President of the new Catholic Bar Association is off to a great start with Catholic legal minds from around the country joining forces to provide support to the Life movement.  Josh discusses some of the goals and visions of the new group with Molly.  Click here for an overview of the conference.

Exposing Planned Parenthoods Abortion Mills

Lila Rose Lila Rose, President and Founder of “Live Action”, speaking at the 2013 Bringing America Back to Life Symposium on: “ Exposing Planned Parenthood Abortion Mills.” A recent UCLA graduate, Lila founded Live Action at the age of 15. The organizations’ investigative journalism style has changed the face of public perception of the abortion industry.

The Ohio Heartbeat Bill Passes both houses! / Voiceless the Movie – an interview with the producer

Paula Westwood, Ed Sitter & Stuart Migdon Cincinnati Right to Life’s Paula Westwood talks about the journey this bill has been on over the past 5 years and encourages all prolifers to continue the fight to end abortion.  Then Toledo Right to Life’s Ed Sitter joins Molly to add their voice to the rejoicing over the passing of the Ohio Heartbeat Bill and to encourage prolifers to stay engaged. The producer of ” Voiceless the Movie” Stuart Migdon, discusses why many will not engage in the