“Assisted Suicide Threatens People with Disabilities” & “USA Abortion Update”

Zachary Schmoll & Mark Crutcher Zachary Schmoll is a blogger at entering the public square.com.  Zachary talks to Molly about how the acceptance of assisted suicide bullies people with disablities! Mark Crutcher, President of Life Dynamics joins Molly to discuss the current and future state of abortion in the USA.

“Drain The Swamp: How Washington is Worse Than You Think!”

Bill Blankschaen: Bill is an author & Founder of Faith Walkers.  Bill and Congressman Ken Buck have written an inside account of what is going on in Washington, DC. You will be outraged to learn how your hard earned tax dollars are being spent!  Molly talks with Bill about his latest book, and what we can do about the corruption in DC.