Jerry Cirino, Lake County Commissioner Elect & Nino Vitale, State Rep: The 2016 election & the path forward.

Part 1: Jerry Cirino Chairman, Cleveland Right to Life & Lake County Commissioner Elect: “So what now?  The new president is in place – where do we go from here?  Jerry Cirino joins us to discuss these questions.” Part 2: Nino Vitale State Representative for the 85th District, Ohio House of Representatives: “Is the fight worth fighting?  Nino Vitale provides insights into the world of Ohio State House Politics.”

Steven Mosher – President, Population Research Institute & Ed Sitter – Exec. Director, Greater Toledo Right to Life. The path forward from the 2016 election.

Part 1: STeven Mosher President, Population Research Institute: “How will the US Presidential Election impact the World.  Join Molly Smith as she talks with Steve about the future we face the day after the elections.” Part 2: Ed Sitter Executive Director, Greater Toledo Right to Life: “It will take a united front to move forward after the votes are counted.  Ed Sitter inspires us all with his message of hope and faith.”  

Christopher White talking about the importance of Humanae Vitae

Christopher White Former Director of Operations, World Youth Alliance; Author & Grad. Student @ Fordham University: Mr. White joins host Molly Smith to talk about Why Humanae Vitae is such an important document.

Dr. Ann Hendershott: Obama’s Mandate on Federal Funding for Sex Reassignment!

Dr. Ann hendershott Dr. Ann Hendershott – Professor, Franciscan University of Stubenville with host Molly Smith: “Obama’s mandate on federal funding for sex reassignment surgery is being rightfully challenged in court.”  Dr. Hendershott joins Molly to unpack this challenge.

Jerry Cirino – The need for the ‘everyday’ person to bring their expertise to the public square

Jerry Cirino  Jerry Cirino – Chairman, Cleveland Right to Life with host Molly Smith: “Jerry discusses the need for the ‘everyday’ man or woman in the street to run for political office and to bring their specific expertise to the public square.”

Fr. Frank Pavone – National Director, Priests for Life

Fr. Frank Pavone National Director, Priests for Life: “Fr. Frank encourages everyone to sign an open letter to vice president hopeful Tim Kaine which takes Kaine to task for his claim of being a practicing Catholic who at the same time supports abortion for women.”

Tom Zowistowski – discusses a video he released & the latest presidential debate

Tom Zowistowski  Executive Director, Portage County Tea Party: “Tom discusses a video he released on Sunday and the latest presidential debate – he talks about why we must focus on the political issues that will get us to the moral values we desire.”