“Assisted Suicide Threatens People with Disabilities” & “USA Abortion Update”

Zachary Schmoll & Mark Crutcher Zachary Schmoll is a blogger at entering the public square.com.  Zachary talks to Molly about how the acceptance of assisted suicide bullies people with disablities! Mark Crutcher, President of Life Dynamics joins Molly to discuss the current and future state of abortion in the USA.

“Shutting Down Abortion Facilities”

Cheryl Sullenger Cheryl Sullenger, Director of Research with Operation Rescue talks to Molly Smith about the importance of keeping up the pressure on the abortion industry to take ownership for the carnage that is happening inside their facilities.

“ProLife Community Harassment” and “The Religious Freedom Exec. Order”

Horatio G. Mihet & Fr. Frank Pavone Horatio G. Mihet is VP of Legal Affairs & Chief Litigation Counsel for Liberty Counsel and Fr. Frank Pavone is Founder & President, Priests for Life. Horatio Mihet joins Molly to discuss the situation where Susan Merrit, a partner in the undercover operation with David Daleiden to expose Planned Parenthood’s illegal practice of selling baby body parts for medical research, was arrested and locked up in California.  Horatio Mihet is Susan Merrit’s legal counsel. Fr. Frank Pavone discusses with Molly the

“No Exceptions, No Compromise on Abortion in Poland!”

Rebecca kiessling President, Save the 1.  Poland is facing the threat of legislative efforts to increase access to abortion.  Rebecca’s recent visit to Poland in support of stopping this effort resulted in nation wide protests against her visit.  Rebecca talks with Molly about how these protests backfired providing her with an opportunity to reach millions of Polish citizens.

“How Far Will We Go to Normalize Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide?”

Wesley Smith Attorney & Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism joins host Molly Smith:  The mentally ill, the physically disabled, and children with illnesses – what do they all have in common? They are being pressured to ask for assisted suicide or to be euthanized by medical professionals and some in the bioethics professions. Wesley Smith talks about the danger of going down this path and discusses his National Review Online articles (links here and here).