2016 BABL Spotlight – Benham Brothers: Standing with Courage: “Shining a Light in the Darkness.”

Benham Brothers 2016 BABL Spotlight: The Benham Brothers – speaking at the 2016 Bringing America Back to Life Convention: Standing with Courage: “Shining a Light in the Darkness.”

“What is Red Rose Rescue?”

Monica Miller: Founder & Director, Citizens for a Prolife Society.  Dr. Miller discusses her recent arrest for handing out red roses inside abortion facilities, to mothers-in-waiting and the response the participants have received from the prolife community.

“A child is always a child no matter how he or she is conceived!”

Rebecca Kiessling & Jennifer Christie: Rebecca is President & Blogger for Save the 1:  Rebecca and Jennifer talk about the world’s view toward children who are conceived in rape or incest and show how the child is always a gift from God and must be protected from the abortionist’s knife.