The Pitfalls of “Medical Orders” to End Life!

Alex Schadenberg Alex discusses the agenda of the death culture being played our in America.  His experience in Canada has equipped him to see the pitfalls that Americans are falling into with their push to legislate such proceedures as Ohio’s SB 165 which imposes medical orders to end life.  Euthanasia Prevention Coalition recently released a short video to highlight the dangers of Euthansia and Assisted Suicide laws around the world.  His website provides you with much needed updates and information about the danger  for all

Legal actions dropped against David Daleiden for Pursuing “Baby Parts Brokers”

Chuck LiMandri Chief Counsel, Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund; Chuck LiMandri joins Molly to discuss this development. “The dismissal of this lawsuit, on the eve of an important hearing and in the wake of criminal referrals, shows that StemExpress’s time is up,” said FCDF President Charles LiMandri. “Cate Dyer and StemExpress would pay $55 for a fetal brain, and then turn around and sell it for $3,340. If you do that, you can hire a lot of attorneys to throw up propaganda lawsuits aimed –

Defunding Planned Parenthood – a Breakthrough for the Unborn!

Michael Hichborn President, The Lepanto Institute,  Cutting off the spigot of funding for the abortion giant will positively impact the prolife efforts around the world. Michael Hichborn discusses this action and shows how the flow of US taxpayer dollars to UN programs has negatively impacted the Catholic Church’s humanitarian aid programs because of regulation requirements that insist on the distribution of contraception.  Michael discusses in depth the situation within the Knights of Malta as a result of adherence to such programs.

Marching For Life

Eric Scheidler Executive Director, Prolife Action League: Is prolife presence in front of an abortion facility having an impact?  Eric talks about his work and the impact it is having on the abortion industry.  He also recounts the reason why his father Joe Scheidler founded this organization in 1980.  From Prolife Action League’s website:  “Joe first got involved in the pro-live movement in 1972, when at the urging of his wife Ann he took the family to a pro-life leafleting day in downtown Chicago. A picture of

Staying the Course

Tom Zawistowski President, We the People Convention.  Tom discusses the current political climate that has shifted back toward the Founding Father’s vision for America.  He discusses the most recent election of Jane Timken to the position of Chair of the Ohio Republican Party beating out Governor Kasich’s pick for this position.  The defeat of the incumbent chairman is having a national impact.  Business as usual will no longer be business as usual as the winds of change sweep across American.  Tom urged listeners to read