“What is Red Rose Rescue?”

Monica Miller: Founder & Director, Citizens for a Prolife Society.  Dr. Miller discusses her recent arrest for handing out red roses inside abortion facilities, to mothers-in-waiting and the response the participants have received from the prolife community.

“A child is always a child no matter how he or she is conceived!”

Rebecca Kiessling & Jennifer Christie: Rebecca is President & Blogger for Save the 1:  Rebecca and Jennifer talk about the world’s view toward children who are conceived in rape or incest and show how the child is always a gift from God and must be protected from the abortionist’s knife.

“What’s to be done about Baby Charlie?” and “An Update on the State of Abortion in the USA.”

Bobby Schindler & Mark Crutcher In Part One: Bobby Schindler, President – Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network joins Molly via phone from London to discuss the latest developments in the effort to save baby Charlie Gard. In Part Two: Mark Crutcher, President – Life Dynamics joins Molly to discuss the current and future state of abortion in the USA

“Assisted Suicide Threatens People with Disabilities” & “USA Abortion Update”

Zachary Schmoll & Mark Crutcher Zachary Schmoll is a blogger at entering the public square.com.  Zachary talks to Molly about how the acceptance of assisted suicide bullies people with disablities! Mark Crutcher, President of Life Dynamics joins Molly to discuss the current and future state of abortion in the USA.

“Shutting Down Abortion Facilities”

Cheryl Sullenger Cheryl Sullenger, Director of Research with Operation Rescue talks to Molly Smith about the importance of keeping up the pressure on the abortion industry to take ownership for the carnage that is happening inside their facilities.