Marching For Life

Eric Scheidler Executive Director, Prolife Action League: Is prolife presence in front of an abortion facility having an impact?  Eric talks about his work and the impact it is having on the abortion industry.  He also recounts the reason why his father Joe Scheidler founded this organization in 1980.  From Prolife Action League’s website:  “Joe first got involved in the pro-live movement in 1972, when at the urging of his wife Ann he took the family to a pro-life leafleting day in downtown Chicago. A picture of

Staying the Course

Tom Zawistowski President, We the People Convention.  Tom discusses the current political climate that has shifted back toward the Founding Father’s vision for America.  He discusses the most recent election of Jane Timken to the position of Chair of the Ohio Republican Party beating out Governor Kasich’s pick for this position.  The defeat of the incumbent chairman is having a national impact.  Business as usual will no longer be business as usual as the winds of change sweep across American.  Tom urged listeners to read

Recognizing the Unborn Child as a Person with Full Human Rights is Key to Ending Abortion

Dan Becker President, Personhood Alliance. The prolife movement must end the practice of creating “classes” of human life in the womb.  All life, at all stages, in all circumstances must be afforded the same rights and protection.  Dan talks with Molly about where the movement has come from and what is in store for it in the future.

Putting Principles into Action/ The Death of Fidel Castro

Molly Smith, Paul kengor Molly comments on Ohio Governor Kasich’s veto of the most prolife, life saving bill to hit his desk.  Molly’s outrage is evident during this segment, not only with the Governor but also with Ohio Right to Life who, did the proverbial “victory dance” celebrating the veto.  See Cleveland Right to Life’s statement on this here. Fidel Castro’s death reminds us of the evils of Marxism and the devastation this ideology reaps on the world Dr. Kengor discusses the response from some