Putting Principles into Action/ The Death of Fidel Castro

Molly Smith, Paul kengor Molly comments on Ohio Governor Kasich’s veto of the most prolife, life saving bill to hit his desk.  Molly’s outrage is evident during this segment, not only with the Governor but also with Ohio Right to Life who, did the proverbial “victory dance” celebrating the veto.  See Cleveland Right to Life’s statement on this here. Fidel Castro’s death reminds us of the evils of Marxism and the devastation this ideology reaps on the world Dr. Kengor discusses the response from some

The Ohio Heartbeat Bill Passes both houses! / Voiceless the Movie – an interview with the producer

Paula Westwood, Ed Sitter & Stuart Migdon Cincinnati Right to Life’s Paula Westwood talks about the journey this bill has been on over the past 5 years and encourages all prolifers to continue the fight to end abortion.  Then Toledo Right to Life’s Ed Sitter joins Molly to add their voice to the rejoicing over the passing of the Ohio Heartbeat Bill and to encourage prolifers to stay engaged. The producer of ” Voiceless the Movie” Stuart Migdon, discusses why many will not engage in the

Tom Zowistowski – President, We The People & Pastor JC Church – Family Research Council Regional Director: The path forward from the 2016 election.

Part 1: Tom Zowistowski President, We The People Convention: “Tom talks with Molly about the Presidential Election Campaign and why this election will determine the future of America.” Part 2: Pastor JC Church Regional Director for the MidWest for Church Outreach, Family Research Council: “Pastor JC Church provides us with a faith-filled message as we go forward toward a new presidential administration.  With God – all things are possible”  

Chuck LiMandri & Joyce Bartholomew: “Meet the Latest Example of Censorship, Defamation & Anti-Christian Hostility.”

Charles LiMandri & Joyce Bartholomew Charles LiMandri, Esq. – Founder & President, Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund &  Jocye Bartholomew – Executive Producer, Blaze Productions: “Meet the latest example of  censorship, defamation, and potentially anti-Christian hostility. Artist Joyce Bartholomew, CEO and Executive Producer of the Blaze Prodction, posted a prolife video on YouTube that recieved 52K views, but then was abruptly turned off by YouTube.  Join Molly as she talks with Joyce and her attorney, Charles LiMandri, about this violation of our rights.”

Part 1: Tom Connors discussing his world view & Part 2: Molly Smith reading an opinion piece on the current elections

Tom Connors, Molly Smith  Part 1: Tom Connors – Retired US Naval Reserve Commander, “Tom discusses his worldview and how he came to arrive at this point in his life” Part 2: Molly Smith – Host, From the Median, “reads an opinon piece on the 2016 elections by Attorney Mickey Pohl, one of the lead team representing religious organizations such as the LIttle Sisters of the Poor’s fight for religious freedom.”