China’s 30 million missing girls have probably NOT been found alive! / It’s Dangerous to Beleive: Religious Freedom and It’s Enemiesʺ

Reggie Littlejohn & Mary eberstadt As a result of China’s one child policy and a culture of “son preference” there are 30 million girls missing today in China because they are aborted.  A recent “study” by population control researchers suggest that the 30 million missing girls are not really missing but “hiding”.  Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, provides evidence that this report is suspect and problematic in many areas. You can read about Reggie’s work in China to save babies from abortion

ʺThe Untold Story of a America’s Most Prolific Serial Killerʺ / A late term Abortionist loses his license

Philim McAleer & Paul Coudron with Margie Christi  Author Philim McAleer joins Molly to talk about “Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer” a book that will be released in January.  To pre-purchase Philim and Anne’s book which records the gruesome story of Kermit Gosnell a serial killer abortionist click here:  Then in Segment 3 and 4 of tonight’s program, Dayton Right to Life Executive Director, Paul Coudron and Assistant Executive Director Margie Christi discuss Ohio Department of Health’s revoke of Kettering’s

Dr. Paul Byrne – Founder, Life Guardian Foundation: The Danger of the Modern Medical Approach to Force Patients to end their Lives.

Dr. Paul Byrne Dr. Byrne joins Molly to talk about the danger of the modern medical approach to force patients to end their lives.  His website provides valuable information about this issue.  Ohio is facing the possiblity of passage of a bill (SB 165) that will usher in Assisted Suicide.  This bill is in committee and members are likely to pass it out of committee and onto the floor during the current Lame Duck Session.  Smith calls on all listeners to contact their House Representatives to oppose this

Michael Hichborn – President, Lepanto Institute on Catholic Relief Services’ violation of Catholic Teachings

Michael Hichborn President – Lepanto Institute, speaking with host Molly Smith about Catholic Relief Services violating Catholic Teachings: “Catholic Relief Services violating Catholic Christian doctrine when they distribute abortifacient contraceptions and what has been the response from the Catholic Conference of Bishops to this practice?”

Tom Zowistowski – President, We The People & Pastor JC Church – Family Research Council Regional Director: The path forward from the 2016 election.

Part 1: Tom Zowistowski President, We The People Convention: “Tom talks with Molly about the Presidential Election Campaign and why this election will determine the future of America.” Part 2: Pastor JC Church Regional Director for the MidWest for Church Outreach, Family Research Council: “Pastor JC Church provides us with a faith-filled message as we go forward toward a new presidential administration.  With God – all things are possible”  

Christopher White talking about the importance of Humanae Vitae

Christopher White Former Director of Operations, World Youth Alliance; Author & Grad. Student @ Fordham University: Mr. White joins host Molly Smith to talk about Why Humanae Vitae is such an important document.