BABL Spotlight 2021: “The BLM Diversion”

“BABL Spotlight 2021: “The BLM Diversion””

December 15, 2023

Smith, Carlton

Airdate 3-31-21: Carlton Smith.  The BLM movement has taken this country by storm. Carlton Smith will help us see what’s really going on behind this movement.

Carlton is the Founder and President of Architekton Global, a unique organization providing consultations, teaching, and training to organizations covering a wide range of issues and interests related to governments, businesses, educational institutions, media, family and community organizations, and Christian ministries. He is a member of “Reconciliation Eagles” a think tank committed to finding racial reconciliation and healing between blacks and whites.  He currently serves on the National Board of Directors for Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) and was the founder of and gave leadership to Antioch Fellowship Assembly, a network of New Testament House Churches.

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BABL Spotlight 2020: The Shroud of Turin

February 09, 2024

Airdate 3-31-20: In 1983, David Onysko earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Cleveland State University with a Master in Education in 1991. After two decades of teaching, he is turning his full-time attention to Sindonology (the study of the Shroud). David’s interest has led him to many scientific/theological conferences (St. Louis, Rome, Dallas, New York, etc.) Over the years, he has spoken to thousands about the Shroud of Turin, including international audiences.

In April 1998, David and a world-wide press corps viewed the Shroud during a private 45 minute showing. In August 2000, David and his family traveled to Turin, Italy to see the image during the Shroud’s Jubilee Exposition. He has been presenting the continuing story of the Shroud of Turin since the late 1980s.

David resides in the greater Cleveland area.

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