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“Losing Her Children to Indoctrination”

July 18, 2024

Pensky, Beth

Airdate 07-18-24:  Beth Pensky is a mother and an advocate.  Beth sent her children off to Ivy League colleges where the Culture, Professors and the Student Body poisoned their minds and turned them away from their mom. Now Beth and other parents are fighting to save their children from the sickness

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“Changing Hearts and Minds About Abortion”

July 18, 2024

Dudzik, Savannah

Airdate 07-18-24:  Savannah Dudzik is a Live Action Events Representative.  Savannah shares her background of fighting for life at a young age and confronting those that are on the fence. She has changed minds, and changed hearts. You will love her story about starting to fight for life as a young

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“L’Arche’s Mission Changes Lives”

July 16, 2024

O'Malia, Jen

Airdate 06-20-24: Jen O’Malia is the Executive Director of L’Arche Cleveland  Jen discusses the beauty of the L’Arche mission which  empowers people with disabilities to live meaningful hope filed lives.  And she discusses the need for more volunteers and employees to help achieve this vision.

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“BABL Spotlight 2024: “Exploitation of Nascent Human Beings””

July 12, 2024

Prentice, David

Airdate 03-22-24: Dr. David Prentice, founder of Stem Cell Research Facts unpacks the importance of ethical medical research that recognizes the boundaries of trying to play God! We are making our 2024 Bringing America Back to Life Convention programs available through the kind support of our radio program sponsor Solidarity

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From the Median with Molly Smith