BABL Spotlight 2023: “Answering the Rape Exceptions”

“BABL Spotlight 2023: “Answering the Rape Exceptions””

December 22, 2023

Stenzel, Pam

Airdate 3-14-23 Pam Stenzel who is a Board Member of Personhood Florida discusses how how all unborn life, regardless of means of conception must be protected.  This was the topic of her presentation 10:30 am on the morning of Friday March 10th at the 2023 Bringing America Back to Life Convention.

We are making our Bringing America Back to Life Convention programs available through the kind support of our radio program sponsor Solidarity HealthShare.


Trafficking Victims Deserve Justice

July 04, 2024

Airdate 07-04-24: Andi Buerger is a Survivor, Author & Advocate at Voices Against Trafficking.  Child sex trafficking is real and is happening more often than you think. Hear the real story of a sex trafficking victim and hear how we can help put a stop to this evil.  Andi Buerger is a sex trafficking survivor who now fights to save the lives of others that are being trafficked.


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Leave The Plantation with Mason Weaver

July 04, 2024

Airdate 07-04-24: Mason Weaver is an author, speaker and strong conservative dedicated to saving America.   Mason Weaver was an angry, hateful, racist Democrat until he was saved by the Truth of Jesus Christ.  Now he is a loving, God fearing man who speaks loud and clear to all those that hate America and hate God. You will love Mason’s story.


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