BABL Spotlight 2023: “Restoring the Family”

“BABL Spotlight 2023: “Restoring the Family””

December 01, 2023

Brown, Hugh

Airdate 3-21-23: Hugh Brown who is Executive Vice President of the American Life League speaks of the need to restore the family since abortion thrives in a culture that dismisses the family. This was the topic of his presentation at 4pm on Friday March 10th at the 2023 Bringing America Back to Life Convention.

We are making our Bringing America Back to Life Convention programs available through the kind support of our radio program sponsor Solidarity HealthShare.


Losing Her Children to Indoctrination

July 18, 2024

Airdate 07-18-24:  Beth Pensky is a mother and an advocate.  Beth sent her children off to Ivy League colleges where the Culture, Professors and the Student Body poisoned their minds and turned them away from their mom. Now Beth and other parents are fighting to save their children from the sickness that has infiltrated our schools.

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Changing Hearts and Minds About Abortion

July 18, 2024

Airdate 07-18-24:  Savannah Dudzik is a Live Action Events Representative.  Savannah shares her background of fighting for life at a young age and confronting those that are on the fence. She has changed minds, and changed hearts. You will love her story about starting to fight for life as a young woman on college campus and she now works for Live Action.  Savannah has personal experience dealing with violent pro abortionists and now she is also fighting for the dignity of her own little girl.

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