BABL Spotlight 2022: “The War on Truth”

“BABL Spotlight 2022: “The War on Truth””

March 14, 2022

Kirsanow, Peter

Airdate 3-14-22: Peter Kirsanow was reappointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives to his third consecutive six-year term on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. When he was first appointed to the Commission by President Bush the liberal majority refused to seat him and the Justice Department had to turn the case to the Supreme Court to seat him. He hosts the Kirsanow Report, heard five times daily in Northeast Ohio. He is also a frequent guest on the nationally-syndicated Bill Bennett’s Morning in America Show, as well as the Bob Frantz Show, Laura Ingraham Show, Hugh Hewitt Show and Larry Elder Show. He appears regularly on the Tucker Carlson Show. He has written for a number of publications and appears regularly on cable and broadcast news programs; promoting an environment in which differences are respected, employees are treated fairly, and individual skills and talents are valued.

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