Leave The Plantation with Mason Weaver

“Leave The Plantation with Mason Weaver”

July 09, 2024

Weaver, Mason

Airdate 07-04-24: Mason Weaver is an author, speaker and strong conservative dedicated to saving America.   Mason Weaver was an angry, hateful, racist Democrat until he was saved by the Truth of Jesus Christ.  Now he is a loving, God fearing man who speaks loud and clear to all those that hate America and hate God. You will love Mason’s story.



From Mafia to Ministry

July 09, 2024

Airdate 07-09-24: Robert Borelli is an Author and Speaker with Borelli Ministries.  Robert went from being an up and coming associate of the Gambino crime family, involved in the mafioso lifestyle of money, crime and drug addiction, to a redeemed man, who shares his story of redemption, and finding the truth in Jesus Christ.  Robert found redemption and a second chance.

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Spreading the Gospel in Northeast Ohio

July 08, 2024

Airdate 06-19-24: Pastor Peter Folger is Pastor of The Cleveland Baptist Church.  Pastor Folger discusses how Cleveland Baptist Church has been able to spread God’s Word through their 12-K school as well as through their missionary outreach into the region. They have a need right now for teachers in the Christian Heritage School as the school continues to grow and influence.

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