No Compromise, No Exception in South Carolina

Spreading the Gospel in Northeast Ohio

July 08, 2024

Airdate 06-19-24: Pastor Peter Folger is Pastor of The Cleveland Baptist Church.  Pastor Folger discusses how Cleveland Baptist Church has been able to spread God’s Word through their 12-K school as well as through their missionary outreach into the region. They have a need right now for teachers in the Christian Heritage School as the school continues to grow and influence.

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Trafficking Victims Deserve Justice

July 06, 2024

Airdate 07-04-24: Andi Buerger is a Survivor, Author & Advocate at Voices Against Trafficking.  Child sex trafficking is real and is happening more often than you think. Hear the real story of a sex trafficking victim and hear how we can help put a stop to this evil.  Andi Buerger is a sex trafficking survivor who now fights to save the lives of others that are being trafficked.


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