The NAACP And Your Children

BABL Spotlight 2024: “Healing the Soul of America”

March 21, 2024

Airdate 3-21-24 Part 1: Fr. Jason Charron is the Ukrainian Catholic Pastor of the Mother of God Shrine.  Fr. Charron explains why it is necessary to remember those babies who have died from abortion; to provide a place for mothers who are healing from their choices; and to provide help for mothers in need today.

Airdate 3-21-24 Part 2: Michael Kenney is President of Prolife Partners Foundation.  Michael outlines why it is important for the prolife movement to find ways to work together and to present a message of Life to the culture.

We are making our 2024 Bringing America Back to Life Convention programs available through the kind support of our radio program sponsor Solidarity HealthShare.

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