The New Reproductive Science: Fact or Fiction & Safe Haven Baby Boxes – Saving Abandoned Babies

Dr. Les Ruppersberger & Monica Kelsey Dr. Les Ruppersberger and Monica Kelsey give the highlights of their presentations.  These presentations are part of the 2017 Bringing America Back to Life Convention

“Protecting Life until the Last Breath” & “Ethical and Constitutional Considerations.”

Barry Sheets & Josh McCaig Barry Sheets, President – Principled Policy Consulting, LLC & Josh McCaig – President, National Lawyers Association with host Molly Smith.  Barry

The Time of Our Death – Our Decision or God’s? & The Unholy Alliance of Charities and the Culture of Death

Bobby Schindler & Michael Hichborn Bobby Schindler, President – Terri Sheivo Life & Hope Network and Michael Hichborn, President – The Lepanto Institute with host Molly Smith.  Bobby