The New Reproductive Science: Fact or Fiction & Safe Haven Baby Boxes – Saving Abandoned Babies

Dr. Les Ruppersberger & Monica Kelsey Dr. Les Ruppersberger and Monica Kelsey give the highlights of their presentations.  These presentations are part of the 2017 Bringing America Back to Life Convention

2016 BABL Spotlight: Benham Brothers, Speaking at the 2016 Bringing America Back to Life Convention.

Benham Brothers 2016 BABL Spotlight: The Benham Brothers – speaking at the 2016 Bringing America Back to Life Convention: Standing with Courage: “Shining a Light in the

“Protecting Life until the Last Breath” & “Ethical and Constitutional Considerations.”

Barry Sheets & Josh McCaig Barry Sheets, President – Principled Policy Consulting, LLC & Josh McCaig – President, National Lawyers Association with host Molly Smith.  Barry